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big bag box

big bag box (bbb) is our new project for the coworking space. bbb is a way to make coworking more conformable and more funny. It is an extra space of Via Cascia 6 coworking, a totally new space in which you can find a personal relaxing area in a shared space. An experimental way where you can have a rest and have a shower (in the real japanese style!) A place where people who often travel for work, can find relief and have a temporary break from the frenzy and crowded city. The 10 bbb cubes offer relax to every kind of people character… come and find the right box for you! The price for a big bag box is 35€ a day or 350€ monthly (VAT is not included). Special offers for groups, long period reservations and if you already have booked a workstation! Contact us to know more! Download the brochure Project idea by Gianluca Alessio e Francesco Zannier (Studio APE), designed by Stefano Mirti and Davide Ciuffi  (Id-Lab)