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Punch cards as digital tags
2006, Milano [exhibition]

Punch-tags is a system that comprises of:
-paper cards that visibly hold physical information in the form of printed texts and photographs as well as digital information stored in holes around the card.
-card reader that translates the different cards with different holes into card-related information displayed on a computer screen.
It is originally developed as a touch-point of the active furniture section of ID-Cast but can be applied in many ways.

The cards function as tags referring to precise information stored in websites, databases, presentations, etc. By inserting the card into the reader, which is connected to a computer by USB, the website, database or presentation is launched and the corresponding target it is triggered and displayed.

Because the cards are made out of any paper-like material, it becomes easy to make your own cards using office supplies, give them away or put them in a booklet. They allow you to play around with the information in the physical world while they are also the key to more information stored in the digital world.

Project leader: Giovanni Cannata
Tecnologia: punch cards
Con: Walter Aprile, Anurag Sehgal, Joris Zaalberg